Que é feito da Africa Mining?


Figo na direcção de uma grande holding mineira

As already previously announced, at the upcoming general meeting of West
Africa Mining Holding AG, the former Portuguese international football star
Luis Figo will be recommended for election to the board of directors. As a member of the board of directors, Luis Figo will not only provide the company with valuable contacts, but he
will also take an 11% share in the company through his private investment
holding company, Damafh S.G.P.S. Lda., in Lisbon.

Alongside Luis Figo, well-known expert in capital markets Swen Lorenz is
also standing for election to the board of directors of West Africa Mining
Holding AG.

Mr Lorenz is a renowned expert in locating investment opportunities in
newly industrialised countries and pioneer markets. He was instrumental in
the founding and creation of Speymill Macau Property Company, a property
company listed in London which has been able to increase its equity to
around $150m in two rounds of financing and therefore became one of the
first large foreign investors into Macau’s property market. Mr Lorenz was a
member of the board of this company between November 2006 and July 2009.
Through his work as a private investor, writer, columnist and regular
television guest, he is able to provide an extensive and close-nit network
for the company. Amongst other things, he will help the company by opening
up sources of finance on the international capital market.

‘In West Africa, there are still under-developed markets in the traditional
sense. Any type of operative business creation in this area represents an
enormous challenge. However, this type of pioneer market offers the chance,
if successful, to achieve extraordinarily high returns,’ says Lorenz. ‘West
Africa Mining Holding AG finds itself at an early stage of development into
which I would like to bring my experience from other similar projects and
support the company management in strategic measures and capital market

Subject to the vote of the general meeting, the newly-formed board of
directors will consist of Mr Swen Lorenz (chairman of the board of
directors), Luis Figo (board of directors) and Peter Sommer (board of

The general meeting is scheduled for the end of April.

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