Líbia: Fortes explosões em Benghazi

The eastern Libyan city of Benghazi was rocked by three loud explosions on Sunday, according to Reuters. “It was very loud and I saw the smoke,” resident Hassan Bakoush told Reuters by telephone, adding that he heard the blast at the court in the north of the city. “Some balconies of nearby buildings are damaged.” A security source told Reuters there were two more blasts – one near an office of the Justice Ministry and the other near a court in the south of the city. Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported that there was a lot of material damage to the ministry as well as to the surrounding residential buildings. He also said that tens were wounded in an explosion when a bomb planted under a parked car in front of a building near the court went off, adding that there was material damage to the building. People have taken to the streets to protest against the government, said the correspondent. They are chanting: "People want the fall of the [Muslim] Brotherhood." (With Reuters)

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